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Generation X, Homosexuality and the 90’s

Last night before dinner, playing Rock Band 2, Dima and I were making fun of a character wearing a classic 60’s or 70’s fringe jacket when Dima pointed out that while we have plenty to make fun of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, there isn’t anything to make fun of in the 90’s. My first response was of course “Grunge” – thinking back to my dreadlocks and goatee, wearing long shorts, plaid shirts around my waist, and a variety of punk t-shirts; but today I decided to look up the 90’s overall to check them out in retrospect from another viewpoint than that of an aging Gen-Xer.

I had a few surprises reading up on the 90’s (including a general consensus that Grunge was the most visible mainstream fashion of the decade), but the big shocker for me was that the World Health Organization removed Homosexuality from their list of diseases in 1990.


No wonder we were (or are) so cynical about the world.

Somehow I thought that organizations like the WHO would have been more aggressive regarding homosexuality especially after the true “launch” of the AIDS pandemic in the 80’s and the public mistreatement of even straight teenaged AIDS victims like Ryan White.

I keep finding myself surprised by how recently things have changed. To this day it boggles my mind that the American Civil Rights Movement occured partially during my lifetime and is not a piece of ancient history.


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